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Why Home Farming/ Home Gardening Is Becoming Highly Important?

One of the Major Reasons, for People getting Major Diseases including Cancer, is because they eat Vegetables and Greens which are grown with over dosage of Harmful Pesticides and Hazardous Chemical Fertilizers.

In India, According to National Health Profile, 2019, DATA, Cancer Cases have risen by an alarming Figure of 324% in One year, between 2017 & 2018.

Senior Scientists and Doctors recommend the following measures to be adopted for a Healthy Life style:

  • Eat Plenty of Fresh Vegetables and Fruits.
  • Make Sure Your diet includes all the Required Nutrients.
  • A Diet rich in Saturated fats to be minimized or avoided.
  • Avoid Obesity, Keep Your weight in the normal Range.
  • Be Physically active and Do Regular Exercises.
  • 7- 8 hours of Sleep.
  • SO, To Live a Happier, Healthier, and a Harmonious Life, one has to eat Vegetables, Greens which are grown , organically, without the use of Chemical Fertilizers and Harmful Pesticides… As you are not sure whether the vegetables and greens available in the Market are free from Pesticides and Chemical Fertilizers, one need to grow them in their own Houses to Live a Long and Healthier Life…
  • We at, Subhiksha Organics, made “Home Farming” Simple and Easy.
  • We Manufacture and supply Grow Bags, Organic Manure, Growing Medium (Cocopeat), Vermi compost, and Traditional/Country Seeds, with which , every family can grow their own vegetables and greens in their Open Terraces, Balconies and in and around their Homes.`

Our Products

We have been Manufacturing
  • World Class Grow Bags, in Different GSMs, Colours, Shapes and Sizes, suitable for different Plants.
  • Growing Medium , like Coco peat, in 5 Kg Block form/Powder form.
  • Vermicompost… which is an important , “Plant Growth Promoter”.
  • Organic Manure, which offers good amount of Nutrients to the Plants, and increases their Immune power.
  • Traditional / Country Seeds  .
  • Tree Bags for growing Larger Trees .
  • Trough Model Grow bags, where you grow all varieties of  plants in a common Trough.

Organic Home Farming

  • There has been a steep increase in the awareness of Organic Terrace Gardening , among the Households in India.
  • Housewives are becoming experts in Home Farming, as we made farming so simple and easy, with our Ready made “Grow kits”.
  • Housewives are able to get Vegetables which posses its native characteristics/high Nutrients and Taste, for their every day cooking.
  • Family Members are happy and healthy with the home grown Vegetables and Greens.
  • Home Farming, gives Housewives little Exercises too, along with the Happiness they derive from seeing the plants grow in their own eyes, and under their motherly care.

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